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Most of the content at this site has been transferred to my new main site: I started using drcmdavis as my Google/Gmail login a long time ago, and a best practice is to use your social network id in your domain name. I still use "drcmdavis" on LinkedIn and Twitter. I was building this out as my primary domain name when I opened a business bank account and realized that when spoken versus typed the "dr" prefix can mean "dr" or "doctor." To avoid future confusion, I started using "chrisdavisphd" as a domain. I think this is clearer and easier to remember. At first, I was going to leave this site for blogging purposes. Ir runs on Blogger which is a great Google tool. Eventually I decided I wanted to simplify and move the blog to the server with my web site. Because I have given this site out in the past, though, and it is hard coded into my first book, I cannot simply remove the site. Really all you need
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Appreciative Inquiry as a Tool for Faculty and Organizational Development

The paper reviews the use of Appreciative Inquiry as a framework for professional and organizational development as part of an initiative to improve student outcomes in developmental education courses in a multi-campus college.  AI is a strengths-based  approach to organizational change. In most change efforts in education, faculty resist change that creates cognitive dissonance, Bluntly, no one wants to hear how they are a bad teacher. AI provides a context where faculty are drawn towards a vision for the future that avoids focusing on the past. Accessed from my selected works at bepress.

Appreciative Inquiry: A Tool for Transformational Learning

This paper attempts to do three things. First, it provides a summary of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and the theory supporting AI as a process for transformational learning. Second, it describes a case study using AI for this purpose. Third, it provides an outline for an experiential AI session designed to demonstrate the power of this approach. Transformational learning is usually explained as the result of an event or series of negative experiences that lead to an individual creating a new identity. AI provides the same result but within a strengths-based context. We transform towards growth rather than by moving away from pain. Access through my selected works at bepress.

Assessment as Quality Improvement

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Employer and Higher Ed Partnerships

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Learning Analytics at Learning 2018

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Learning Analytics Frameworks

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