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Moving on up to a new site

Most of the content at this site has been transferred to my new main site:

I started using drcmdavis as my Google/Gmail login a long time ago, and a best practice is to use your social network id in your domain name. I still use "drcmdavis" on LinkedIn and Twitter.

I was building this out as my primary domain name when I opened a business bank account and realized that when spoken versus typed the "dr" prefix can mean "dr" or "doctor." To avoid future confusion, I started using "chrisdavisphd" as a domain. I think this is clearer and easier to remember.

At first, I was going to leave this site for blogging purposes. Ir runs on Blogger which is a great Google tool. Eventually I decided I wanted to simplify and move the blog to the server with my web site.

Because I have given this site out in the past, though, and it is hard coded into my first book, I cannot simply remove the site.

Really all you need to know is to go to the new site and the associated articles:

Thank you for passing through!